14 Eco Friendly Business Ideas To Support The Environment

With all the benefits of going green, it’s no wonder more and more brands are launching some eco-friendly business ideas in the workplace.

After all, creating a few simple friendly business practices can offer plenty of benefits. You can enhance your brand’s reputation and reduce your carbon footprint, all while saving yourself some time and money in the process. That’s not a bad combination.

Are you wondering how to make your business eco-friendly? Here are 14 simple eco-friendly business ideas to help reduce your carbon footprint.


eco friendly business ideas

Advantages Of Going Green For Businesses

When it comes to going green for your business, there’s more than one compelling reason to make the switch.


Customer Loyalty

First up, launching some eco-friendly business ideas can boost your customer loyalty. It shows your audience that your brand cares about going green. As a result, you may encourage repeat sales while standing out from competing businesses.


Create Healthy Habits

As for your employees, they can also enjoy the benefits of going green. Since some of these tips involve biking to work and letting more natural light into the office, you can also support the general health of your workers.


Save Money

If these two points aren’t convincing enough, going green can also save your business money. It’s not surprising since the process is about reducing the amount of energy you’re using.

For example, flicking off the lights when they aren’t in use and switching appliances off at the wall can save you money on your power bill.

If you’re ready to become an eco-friendly business, here are 15 green business practices to help get you started.


14 Eco-Friendly Tips For Your Business


1. Switch To LED Lights 

When compared to other lighting options, such as fluorescent, LED proves to be the eco-friendlier option.

LED lights tend to have a longer lifespan, meaning that they don’t have to be replaced as often. They consume less energy, don’t require as much upkeep, and are made from non-toxic materials. What’s not to love?


eco friendly business ideas

2. Embrace Natural Light 

Although LED lights are the greener option – nothing beats natural light.

If your office space has good natural light, take advantage of it. Switch off your lights and let the windows do all the work.

Not only will you be extending the lifespan of your LED lights, but there are plenty of health benefits that are also linked with natural lighting. This includes a boost of vitamin D and a decreased risk of seasonal depression.

If you’re in a space with poor natural light, try getting rid of curtains or adding a few mirrors to help light bounce around.


3. Start Recycling 

If you’re brainstorming eco-friendly business ideas, recycling will likely be towards the top of your list.

Setting up a recycling program can be a great first step in your eco-friendly crusade. It’s as easy as putting out a few extra bins for recycled goods and welcoming coworkers to get involved.


4. Use Recycled Paper 

Paper is harmful to the earth in more ways than one, with production often leading to issues such as deforestation and greenhouse gases.

Instead, try making the transition to recycled paper. The switch can save landfill space, preserve forests, and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


eco friendly business ideas

5. Be Smart With Printing 

Paper is one of the more important elements to focus on when you’re going green, so controlling how much you use is important.

It’s surprising how much paper we can go through every day if we’re printing anything. Though just by being mindful of our printing habits, cutting down paper use quickly becomes a breeze.

Aside from using recycled paper, try to print as little as possible. Though if you have to print, remember to go double-sided and to use font’s with thinner typefaces to reduce the amount of ink being used. Finally, remember to triple-check your documents before hitting the print button.


6. Dispose Of Ink Cartridges Properly 

It’s not just paper that we need to be mindful of when we’re printing, but also the ink cartridges and toner.

Make sure you’re disposing of your ink cartridges properly. Drop them at a local office supply store where they’ll be properly recycled.


7. Eco-Friendly Team Building Exercises 

Instead of hosting team-building activities around the office, get creative to find ways you can all support your local environment.

This could be as simple as cleaning up the park, planting trees, or raising money for charity.


plant in an office

8. Encourage Eco-Friendly Transportation 

Another meaningful way to reduce your business’ carbon footprint is by encouraging your workers to opt for eco-friendly transportation. It could be by public transport, carpooling with coworkers, or biking,

Not only can this reduce emissions, but you’ll also save money on fuel.


9. Opt For Online Advertising 

When it comes to choosing between online ads and print ads, there’s more than one reason to go for the paperless option.

Online and social media ads have become the favoured option over recent years. They help businesses to reach a wider audience, save time, and review the success of the ad with analytics.

The option is also much friendlier to the earth as it doesn’t require any printed materials, such as flyers, posters, or banners.


10. Support Local Business 

Shopping local is another great eco-friendly business habit, helping to keep food miles at a minimum.

Since you’re purchasing goods that have been produced in the community, the products haven’t had to travel thousands of miles to reach your business. This eliminates the emissions linked with travel.

When it comes to shopping for your business, think locally whenever you can.


eco friendly flat lay

11. Host Work Events Nearby 

If you’re hosting a work event for a special occasion, consider a venue closer to the office. This can go a long way towards reducing emissions by saving everyone from driving over in their cars after work. Plus, it’ll also save money on gas.

If you’re hosting an event that requires a drive, consider carpooling. Everyone is heading to the same place after all.


12. Encourage Remote Work 

Supporting remote work can be a great way to eliminate car emissions from the commute.

Having your employees work remotely may spark a few worries about performance. Though there are plenty of ways you can encourage remote work and still receive great results.

For example, you could start by setting up a clear set of expectations and implement ways to measure your employee’s performance.


13. Remember To Unplug 

Switching off your office appliances and unplugging them from the wall is a great way to conserve power and save money.

Whenever you’re not using a computer, printer, or any office appliance, remember to unplug.


14. Switch To Eco-Friendly Product Packaging 

Making the transition to eco-friendly packaging is another way your business can go green.

Just by switching to green packing materials, your business can claim a variety of benefits. You can also improve your brand’s image by showing your audience that you care about the planet.

This could be biodegradable packing peanuts, cornstarch packaging, recycled cardboard, or even seaweed packaging.


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