9 Steps For Building A Social Media Presence For Your Business

Having a strong social media presence is a vital aspect when it comes to growing a brand - and despite being it as easy and accessible as ever to do so, business owners can’t often find the time or don’t know where to start.

However, it’s important to remember that building a social media presence isn’t an impossible task. Sure, it will be time-consuming and will require constant attention but when it starts to grow, it will become an asset.

A strong social media presence can deliver your business with countless benefits such as increased brand recognition, better search engine rankings, more traffic on your website and direct opportunities to converse with your target audience. To top it all off, it’s also a cost-effective form of marketing.

Eager to kick-off your online crusade? Here are 9 tips for building a social media presence.

Establish Your Audience

First of all, the process of building a social media presence starts with establishing your audience. Take some time to have a good think about who your audience is and from here you can begin to specify the information and tone you’d like to share.


Add Personality

When you’re sharing content on social media, it’s important to infuse a bit of personality. Customers like to know a brand on a deeper level as opposed to dealing with a faceless entity.

So, how can you do this? Be creative with your captions, videos, and images. Share the faces behind the scenes, whether it’s a shot in the office or out on tour. Ultimately, this can enhance the connection between the customer and your business to help increase social media presence.

Measure Success On Engagement

A major misconception when it comes to social media growth is to measure success on followers and likes, however, this is not the case.

Engagement is a much more valuable thing to have. An account with a handful of committed followers is better than 20,000 that just ignore you. To increase engagement, tag relevant people in your photos, answer and reply to comments, and try to start a conversation with your followers. It can go a long way.

Aim To Post Regularly

Many social media pages perish as a result of irregular posting. Whether it’s due to a lack of time or motivation, posting inconsistently ultimately leads to a decreased interest and engagement towards a page.

A simple solution is to create a posting schedule. Include exactly what you’re going to post and when you’re going to post it. That being, don’t post poor quality images just to stay relevant. This can do more harm than good.

Creatir offers a wide range of photography and videography packages that business owners can use to create a social media presence for business. Merely choose a bundle, explain what you’d like to achieve and sit back as we deliver quality content.


Let People Know You’re On Social Media

Try not to expect your following and engagement to skyrocket upon the launch of your account. This will take some time and energy.

Although, to kick things off with a running start, let friends, family, and colleagues know that you’re on social media. Word of mouth can be a powerful tool.

Share the page with them and ask them to give it a follow. As the account grows, start to incorporate your social media handles into newsletters and advertisements to encourage a strong social media presence.

Keep Content At A Consistent Quality

A habit to avoid when creating a strong social media presence: try to avoid posting just for the sake of it. This can potentially compromise the quality of photos being shared and mess with the general aesthetic of the page, overall exuding an unprofessional vibe.

Again, a posting schedule is going to be a valuable tool to have. Also, take the time to create meaningful content of a certain standard.

Make The Most Of Visual Content

Optimise the content you’re sharing by posting images and videos that highlight the key features of your products or services.

As visual-based content is found to be much more engaging to an audience, try to actively incorporate tools such as quote images, infographics, product photography and promotional videos into your feed.


Paid Advertisements May Be A Worthy Investment

‘Paid advertisements’ doesn’t only mean purchasing an online space to highlight your products or services. Partnering with influencers and other accounts can be effective methods of expanding your brands reach and getting the word out. The best part? Influencer marketing can often have a positive return on investment.

Monitor Your Progress

Finally, try to take advantage of monitoring tools to track the growth of your accounts.

Through this, you can see what sort of posts your audience interacts well with, what doesn’t do as well and from here you can specify the type of content being released.

For example, Instagram offers owners business tools to track engagement and reach as well as information about the general demographic following your account. These tools will prove to be an asset as you’re building a social media presence for your brand.

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