8 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Click Through Rate (CTR)

Sharing content on social media can be a great way to boost engagement and drive traffic toward your online store, although if steps aren’t taken to enhance your brand’s click-through rate (CTR), the process can seem rather redundant.

There are plenty of strategies that small businesses can implement to encourage their followers to progress from their social media page and into their website. Ranging from the evaluation of your analytics to the use of visual content, here are 8 easy ways you can begin to improve your CTR social media.


Take Advantage Of Visual Content

With many newsfeeds flooded with information, it’s important for brands to uncover new ways to reach their target audience and stand out, and visual content may be the answer. Sharing your links alongside high-quality, eye-grabbing images can go a long way towards catching the attention of your target audience. The best part? This content isn’t hard to come across.

The internet houses an abundance of stock photo sites, with millions of royalty-free images available to small businesses hoping to make an impact. By adding images alongside your social media content, you can make your links seem all the more alluring.


Improve The Link’s Appearance

Links with long tails of messy numbers and letters can be visually unappealing to visitors of your social media pages. By simply shortening your links and including keywords relevant to the topic, you can make them much more clickable.

Customising your links is much easier than it sounds, with platforms such as Squarespace offering this option for users. Otherwise, URL shorteners can be found online.

Tweak Your Landing Page

Offering a welcoming landing page can create a sense of excitement among those clicking through to your content, encouraging them to return and interact with your brand in the future. Some easy ways to boost the appearance of your landing page is to ensure the content is neat and well organised, while simultaneously utilising images as well as an attractive colour scheme. Overall, aim to create your landing page specifically for your target audience.


Add A Call To Action

By incorporating a call to action into your social media posts, you can let readers know exactly what you want from them, encouraging them to take action. Do you want them to read a new blog post? Or to sign up to your business newsletter? Your call to action can be as simple as ‘Click the link below’ or ‘Sign up now’. Sometimes you just need to be upfront and tell people what you want them to do.

Enhance Your Engagement

Taking the time to nourish your social media presence can do wonders for your CTR. By adding a personal touch to your content and online voice, consumers can establish a deeper connection with your brand, overall giving them a reason to support your business and interact with your posts.

By merely responding to messages, reposting user-generated content, and genuinely commenting on other posts, you can leave a lasting impression, encouraging individuals to like, comment, and share your post with other like-minded consumers. Don’t underestimate the power of engagement.


Post At Optimal Times

Time of day can play a large role in the process of improving your CTR social media, with different hours bringing forth diverse engagement levels from your audience. For example, your target audience is unlikely to engage with your content at 3 am in the morning, so sharing a post with them at this time isn’t likely to yield noteworthy traffic.

Over time, as you begin to grow your social media page, you’ll be able to gauge what time of day your followers are typically online and interacting with your content. Take advantage of analytic tools and schedule your posts to upload around these peak times.

Engage Different Social Media Platforms

Similarly to sharing your posts at different times of the day, spreading your content across multiple social media platforms can increase exposure, supporting a higher CTR. If you’re actively engaging your followers on one platform and neglecting the other, there may be a vast number of potential clicks that you’re missing out on.

The simple solution? Incorporate multiple platforms into your social media plan. Sharing a post on Instagram? Be sure to repost it a few hours later on Facebook. The more interactive content you share, the better your chances are of increasing your CTR social media.


Evaluate Your Analytics

Social media analytics are important tools in the process of improving your brand’s CTR. By regularly checking in and seeing how many people are clicking through to your website, you can evaluate your content and determine what elements are working and what elements aren’t. Is the call to action effective? Does your engagement spike at certain times of the day? Which social media platforms generate more traffic for your website? By uncovering these answers, you have the ability to detect any elements that are and are not performing well, encouraging your CTR social media to improve.