6 Strategies For Marketing To Millennials In 2019

With diverse demographics and values among the group, millennials are considered to be much harder to reach and impact with marketing. Although since they comprise a large portion of the population, ignoring them altogether is simply not an option. After all, millennials are the future, with their full purchasing power still yet to be unleashed.

The generation tends to display long-term brand loyalty, meaning that many businesses are striving to jump on the millennial marketing bandwagon early. By building this loyalty now, they can reap the rewards down the track.

What can you do to improve your millennial marketing strategy? The best place to start is to strive towards achieving a better understanding of the group and how they operate. From here, you can test different millennial marketing tactics for yourself to see which ones work best for your brand. Here are 6 simple millennial marketing strategies to help get you started.


Encourage Referrals

Word of mouth is a powerful tool in millennial marketing, with networks of friends and family holding a powerful influence over buying habits. Therefore optimising your referral tactics to create new leads for your business can be an effective means of reaching and engaging a millennial audience. So, what are some ways you could enhance referrals? We recently put together an article packed with 13 tips to generate more word of mouth for your business. Click here for the full post.

Spin The Focus Toward Savings

A combination of factors, including a reduced income and accumulative debt, means that millennials are inclined to cut costs and save money where they can. Whether it’s through exclusive sales or bundling deals, a marketing campaign reflecting this value of ‘smart spending’ may prove to resonate with this particular audience. With financial goals firmly established among many millennials, creating a sense of fiscal responsibility inside the minds of audience members can go a long way towards generating new leads.


Get Behind A Worthy Cause

With an endless list of online shopping options at our fingertips, merely offering a great product at a better price isn’t enough to secure a sale. By backing a charity, you can give your brand an edge while also contributing towards a positive change.

Millennials tend to enjoy spending with the knowledge that their money is going toward a worthy cause. Offering your support to those in need can help catch the attention of this group while simultaneously showing them why you’re different from your competitors. Even if your products are more expensive, it may not matter to many customers if you’re actively supporting a charity

Start Blogging

With the tapestry of knowledge now at our fingertips, it’s no wonder prior research has become an integral feature and popular practice of online shopping, especially among millennials. By offering more information on your website, you may be able to attract consumers that are eager to learn more about a topic relevant to your product or industry, and the best way to organically do this is with the help of a blog.

Creating a blog for your brand will not only offer a sense of credibility, but it can also deliver you with a platform to directly communicate with your target audience. With this platform, you can deliver your own relevant wisdom to educate your buyers and enhance their confidence in your product.

Consumers are likely going to read about your business somewhere, why not take some control of the story?Draw some favourable attention to your product/ services and establish your brand as a prominent source of information within the industry.


Get Interactive On Social Media

Millennials enjoy participating and expressing their unique voice, and there are many ways businesses can optimise this to boost their engagement on social media. For example, encouraging and regularly sharing user-generated content can be a great way to acknowledge fans and make them feel much more connected with the brand.

On top of this, taking advantage of social media tools to offer your followers a chance to share their voice can potentially further enhance engagement. Instagram’s polls and ‘ask a question’ features are ideal examples of how you can effortlessly begin to encourage millennials to interact with your content and share their own opinions on a regular basis.

Collaborate With Influencers

Social media is king among millennials and influencers hold a prominent position within this kingdom. Similar to referrals, influencers have the capacity to affect the buying habits of their followers. By posing alongside a product or creating a video review and offering their genuine thoughts, influencers can introduce your brand to their vast network of dedicated followers, overall encouraging potential customers see your brand as trustworthy and credible.

When choosing an influencer, make your decision based on engagement as opposed to the number of followers they have. Having 20k followers is great and all, but if they all ignore you, where’s the value? Instead, take some time to read through the comments on the influencer’s recent posts. Are the comments genuine? Does the influencer take the time to reply to comments? These elements are often an ideal indication of good engagement.


Marketing to millennials is perceived to be a difficult task, however there are a handful of simple habits that you can integrate into your social media strategy to make the process much easier. The generation is largely interactive and thoughtful when it comes to purchasing, so incorporating features to allow these values to flourish can be a significant step toward reaching this audience and building loyalty. It’ll undeniably take some time before meaningful results are achieved, although anything worth having doesn’t come easy.