6 Creative Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas For Social Media

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for brands to brainstorm some mother’s day marketing ideas, to get creative with their content, enhance engagement on social media, and celebrate the special occasion in style.

Ranging from themed blog posts to exclusive discounts, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the celebrations and grow your social media presence, while simultaneously showing your appreciation for the mothers within your community. All that’s required is some quality mother’s day campaign ideas , strategic planning, and your own unique creative flair.

Looking for some mother’s day marketing ideas? Here are 7 simple mother’s day campaign ideas for the special occasion

Create A List Of Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for Mother’s Day can be a puzzling task for many, although your brand could be a beacon of light amongst the confusion. Creating an in-depth Mother’s Day gift guide can be a great way to offer your follows real value. Not to mention, if you manage to squeeze your own product into the list of gift ideas, you may even generate a handful of sales for your business. What's not to love?


Share A Mother’s Day Tale

Breath a sense of personality into your brand by connecting with followers and encouraging them to submit their own Mother’s Day stories. From here, you can showcase them on your website/ social media pages, overall encouraging the people featured to share it with there own network of friends and family. To increase participation, you could offer a prize to the most compelling or outrageous story. This won’t only help your followers feel much more invested in the brand, but you’ll also be generating free content for your business in the process.

Whether you’re sharing Mother’s Day gift ideas, a Mother’s Day story or anything in-between, it’s important to ensure the topic of the post fits within the niche of your brand/ blog.

For example, Creatir’s blog largely focuses on business and social media tips, so a mothers day gift guide doesn’t quite fit in with that niche. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may want to consider putting a twist on the topic. Get creative and find a way to make a festive Mother’s Day post packed with information that your target audience can gain real value from.

Host A Giveaway

Special occasions such as Easter and Christmas are the perfect excuse to host a social media giveaway, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Settle on an enticing Mum-themed prized and promote it across your social media channels with the help of festive images.

Include the rules of the giveaway and the conditions of entry in a clear and simple manner. As the curtains close on the contest, take the time to gather and count all the entries. Randomly select a winner, announce it via your social media channels, thank the participants for getting involved, and wish them all a happy Mother’s Day.


Partner With An Influencer

Collaborating with a parenting or mum influencer in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day can be a great means of boosting brand awareness for your business. This could be in the form of blog entries, social media posts, video reviews, or anything they feel their audience will respond well to. Not only can this process expand the reach of your brand, but it can also build trust among new followers through the help of the influencer while also generating new leads for your business.

For the best results, be sure to partner with an influencer relevant to your brand, and make the selection based off their engagement as opposed to their number of followers.

Click here for a step by step guide for partnering with social media influencers.

Offer A Discount

What better way to acknowledge the mother’s within your audience than with a promotional discount? Consider it a gift from your brand to them!

Gather your team and think of some mother’s day promotion ideas. From here you can share the discount code across your social media platforms, including the validity and expiration.

This can help to increase sales on your website, generate new leads for your business, and offer an indication into how many of your followers are clicking through to your website.


Run A Poll

Encourage the Mums in your audience to voice their opinions and speak their mind by posing a question specific to them on social media. Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram’s poll or ‘ask-a-question’ tools to pose Mother’s Day related queries. They can be as simple as ‘What would you like for Mother’s Day?’ or ‘How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year?’.

Take the time to brainstorm a few mother’s day marketing ideas that you feel will gain the best response from your followers.