How To Offer Free Shipping In Your Online Store

Free shipping - it’s a great way to stand out from your competitors while simultaneously offering your customers more bang for their buck. Plus, if customers are on the fence about making the purchase, these two magical words could be enough to push them into the checkout.

There are plenty of worthy benefits that come hand in hand with free shipping, though you may still be asking yourself: how do companies offer free shipping? Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can advertise free shipping to your audience, whether it’s for a limited time only or on a one-off occasion for new customers.

Wondering how to get free shipping for your business? Here’s how to provide free shipping in your online store.


Set A Free Shipping Threshold

One of the first steps towards establishing free shipping is to learn how to calculate free shipping threshold  - a set value that your customers have to spend in order to eliminate the shipping fee. For example, your free shipping threshold could sit at $75. If customers purchase more than this amount, they wouldn’t have any additional shipping fees.

Having a threshold would also act as an incentive for your customers to add more to their cart to earn free shipping. Though, you’ll have to strive towards an amount tailored to your audience to achieve this effect. Determine your business's average order amount and set the threshold slightly higher than this value. An amount that benefits your audience but doesn’t lose you money is an ideal balance.

Offer Free Shipping On Specific Products

Similar to setting a free-shipping threshold - offering customers cost-free delivery on products over a set price can be an effective means of attracting customers towards certain items in the store. For example, if you’re free shipping threshold is still $75, you could simply offer free shipping on any products equivalent to that price. Instead of encouraging customers to increase their purchasing amount to reach this target, this tactic would draw customer’s attention towards specific items that offer this perk. Different stores and situations call for different actions, so brainstorm a path that best suits your business.


Advertise Free Shipping For A Limited Time

Spark interest among new customers by offering free shipping for a limited time only. This can persuade customers that are on the fence about shopping with your brand. Plus, you’ll also create a sense of urgency in the online store, encouraging people to buy now rather than later. Although for this tactic to be effective, you’ll need to make the promotion well-known, whether it’s through social media advertisements or an email marketing campaign.

Supply Free Shipping To Certain Locations

If you’re determined to adopt free shipping into your store but aren’t in a position to provide it worldwide, you may want to consider offering this perk on a much smaller scale. For example, offer free shipping to customers in your city and surrounding suburbs. It can be a great way to make your business stand out to other competitors in the area. Just remember not to stretch yourself too far - offer free shipping to locations that won’t result in an overall loss. It’s a fine tightrope to walk along.


Create A Loyalty Program

Incentives, like free shipping, aren’t only great for supporting your brand’s sales but also enticing your customers to engage with your content. By simply offering free shipping as a one time only reward to those who subscribe to your newsletter or follow the brand on social media, you can support your content’s reach while also encouraging visitors on your website to take advantage.

Free Shipping For New Customers

If you’re targeting new customers, try attracting them to your online store with free shipping for their first purchase. Create a single-use discount code, removing any additional shipping costs. This can be a great incentive to those thinking of shopping with your brand, while also offering a great first impression to customers.