8 Easy Product Photography Tips To Take Better Photos

Testify your brand’s quality, increase the appeal of your product, and communicate a visual message to your audience; these are merely a few benefits quality product photography can deliver your business.

Although despite these advantages, many businesses aren’t regularly sharing stellar product photos. This is partially due to the misconception that the necessary equipment is too expensive or long-term services are simply unaffordable, however, the reality is actually the opposite.

Here are 8 product photography ideas to help you take better photos.

Invest In A Good Camera

Having the proper camera and lens is essential when it comes to brand photography, and fortunately, they have become much more affordable. A

modern DSLR is always a safe bet, along with a 50mm lens for mid-range and portrait shots. If you’re wanting to get closer to your product to capture its detail, a good macro lens will do the job. Although they can be rather expensive, you can’t argue with the quality.


Search The Internet For Inspiration

If you’ve got your camera and products ready, but aren’t quite sure where to go from here, searching the internet for some product photography ideas is a great place to start.

You can find product photos in your niche to spark creativity and to establish an idea for what type of image you’d like to produce. Not sure where to look? Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms to feed your imagination.

Don’t Underestimate Your Phone’s Camera

Over recent years, smartphones have drastically cracked the world of product photography wide open.

The inbuilt camera can shoot in a variety of different settings and can produce a high-quality image that may potentially achieve what you’re setting out to do.

Play with your set-up and lighting before committing to an expensive camera. You may be surprised by the results!

Set Up A Backdrop

A white or grey continuous backdrop, often seen in online stores, can offer your product a sense of elegance and simplicity. Not to mention, these settings can minimise distraction, pulling all of the viewers focus on your product.

Let’s not forget the best part - these photos are easy to achieve and are very cost-effective. All you need is a long roll of craft paper, two clamps, and good lighting.

Clamp the top of the paper to a chair or table, roll the paper down to create a gentle incline, and place your product just after the paper makes contact with the ground. Easy!

Make sure to shoot in a space with an abundance of natural light and to reduce shadows where you can.

Alternatively, Use Props

Props are very valuable if you’re wishing to create an environment for your product and portray a specific tone to your audience. Also, they can be much more engaging than the standard ‘white backdrop’ shot.

If you’re hoping to capture a rustic style, an antique store can be the perfect place to pick up a few hidden treasures. Alternatively, if 'lifestyle' is your niche, department stores (or even grocery stores) often have a variety of cheap items that you can incorporate into your photos to increase the appeal of your product.

Get Your Hands On A Good Tripod

In darker settings, you’ll likely be exposing the image for a few seconds. If this is the case, a tripod is absolutely necessary.

Handheld shots can cause camera-shake, leading to a blurry photo and an unappealing shot. Try to invest in a tall, sturdy tripod to ensure your photos come out clean and crisp.

Learn How To Edit Your Photos

Spending some time digitally retouching your shots is a great way you can make them truly stand out. Programs such as Adobe Lightroom can increase the vibrancy and detail of your images. Although it’ll take some practice, you’ll notice the difference.


Outsource Photography To A Professional

Running a business is busy enough as it is, and rushing to create content can compromise not only the quality of the images, but also the brand. If you find yourself in this situation, it might be best to leave photography to a professional.

Photographers have all the knowledge and expensive equipment at their fingertips, helping them to produce a distinct quality that can’t be replicated without the necessary experience.

Creatir is currently offering a handful of product photography packages for business owners wanting to share a regular stream of pristine product images with their audience. With the range of props we have on hand, your product can be captured in a manner to highlight its features and increase its appeal.

Select one of our packages, get in touch, and sit back as we deliver beautiful images for your brand.

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