A Beginner's Guide: Starting A Blog For Your Brand

More and more businesses are starting blogs due to the vast range of benefits they deliver. If done actively and correctly, they hold the capacity to grow your online presence, breathe personality into your brand, expand your reach, drive traffic into your online store, and grow your business. Although despite these benefits, many businesses don’t fully take advantage of their website by starting a blog. The process can be time-consuming, but the results speak for themselves. Has the time come for you to finally start that blog for your business? Here are the six essential steps you can take toward setting it up.


Determine Where The Blog Will Live

Where will the blog be located? This is the first question you should ask yourself on this blogging journey. Most blogs are situated on the main website of a brand, whereas some businesses decide to make it entirely separate. This is entirely up to you and how you’d like the layout of the blog to look. If you’d like your blog to have multiple tabs with different categories, offering readers a massive selection of posts, then an external blog may be your best option. However, if your blogs main purpose is to drive traffic onto your website/ online store, it may be a good idea to integrate it onto your site.

Settle On A Niche

What will users be coming to your website looking for? Lifestyle tips? Food ideas? Health and Beauty tips? When you’re settling on a niche for your blog, choose one that you can effortlessly link back to your brand. For example, if you sell men’s grooming products, men's lifestyle would be an ideal niche to adopt. Offer general grooming tips and ideas, then link back to your product and how it can deliver these results you’ve listed above. This is merely one example. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, once you’ve settled on a niche, stick to it.


Start Brainstorming Topics

It’s time to start brainstorming some topic ideas. Dedicate some time and have a thorough think about what you believe your audience will want to read. Whether it’s news in the business, upcoming events, how-to guides, listicles, or anything and everything in-between - find a consistent stream of topics to engage your audience. If you’re stuck or struggling for ideas, jump online to find some inspiration. See what others are posting and add your own unique flair to it. Get creative!

It’s important to post content that you think will engage your audience, although it’s also just as crucial to ensure each (or most) blog posts are serving a purpose. Whether it’s driving traffic onto your website or growing sales, try to ensure each blog post has a higher goal.

Create A Topic Schedule

There’s nothing more frustrating than coming up with a fantastic topic idea, then forgetting it the next day. Trust me, this is a feeling you’re going to want to avoid. When you’re brainstorming topic ideas, write them down in a posting schedule with as much detail as you can. Don’t just include the title, but also what the post is going to cover, what the goal of the post will be, in which order the posts will go live, and when you’d like to publish it. This will make the entire process effortless.


Start Writing

This is undeniably the most enjoyable, yet hardest part of starting a blog. Creating a bank of articles to kick off your blog will seem like a daunting task, although there’s a simple solution for overcoming this step: just start writing! (I told you it was simple). Dedicate some time, sit down and create some engaging, insightful additions to your blog. Some people will find it difficult to summon the motivation, but just remember the payoff you’ll be getting in return. Besides that, writing is an engaging, creative outlet for you to express your passion on various topics. Have fun with it!

Post Regularly

All your hard work has paid off - it’s time to start posting your blog posts. Stick to your posting schedule, share posts with your audience, and encourage them to read and share. However, many blogs crumble due to inconsistent posting. Be sure to keep adding to your schedule and keep writing. As your first posts won’t likely receive much traffic, the process can be disheartening. Although, it’s absolutely crucial that you stick to it. Keep in mind, good things come with time.

Are you interested in kicking your blog up a notch? Interested in expanding your online presence, engaging your audience, and growing your business? Kickstart your blog today!

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