Eight Simple Ways A Blog Can Benefit Your Brand

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely played around with the idea of starting a blog for your brand. A place for you to share meaningful content with your audience while breathing more personality into your business. Although, despite the many benefits a quality blog can deliver, many perish after only a few months.

It’s important to have a thorough understanding of all the benefits a blog can offer and how they can regularly deliver these advantages. From here, you can commit yourself to spending valuable time creating and managing a blog or investing in someone else to do this for you.

From increasing sales to expanding your audience, here are eight ways an active blog can benefit your business.

Increase Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The more content you have on your site, the more likely users will come across your brand. In other words, if you’re regularly posting on your blog, you’re offering more doors for potential customers to enter your site. And these people will be entering your site due to the content you’re producing as opposed to directly searching your business name. Granted this process will take time, the growth will be organic and meaningful to your online presence.


Breathe Personality Into Your Brand

Consistently blogging on relevant topics and issues can help forge an identity for your brand. Share thoughts, opinions, and your personality with your customers to ultimately increase their trust in you. No matter how well-crafted general website content is, it simply doesn’t measure to the degree of character that a blog can offer your business.

Create Opportunities To Expand Your Reach

Posting a steady stream of meaningful content can potentially increase your traffic in more ways than one. Other blogs out there that are posting similar articles are likely to link back to your posts, consequently offering another means of increased, organic website traffic. For instance, if you’re writing a travel article about food in Scotland, another blog could potentially link back to your article in a post their writing about visiting the U.K. Similarly, in your posts, it can often be worthwhile to link out to other external sites to increase the article’s value to the reader.

Drive Website Traffic To Your Store

So you’ve increase your website traffic, what now? Not only can blogs increase your SEO, but they can also drive traffic into your store and increase sales. Although to achieve this effect, it’s crucial that you try to ensure each blog post is serving a purpose. With every article that you post, you hold the capability to turn readers into new clients or customers. If you’re writing about a meaningful topic, try to naturally and briefly link to your business and how you or your product could be of value.

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Add Value To Your Social Media Voice

A quality blog post can offer meaningful content to share with your target audience on social media. Sharing general photos or posts for your customers to interact with is a great way to keep them engaged, although offering an original, thought provoking piece can add a sense of significance. Not to mention, if your audience really resonates with the blog post, it’s likely to be shared around. This can overall expand your brands reach and increase your audience. If this is the result of only one quality blog post, imagine what a regular stream could achieve?


Share Your Expertise

Let your audience know that you’re an expert in your industry. Write about topics that’s relevant to your industry and that your audience can gain real value from. For example, if you’re in the male grooming industry, sharing product reviews or articles about skincare and health would be an effective way to make your audience view your brand as a source of quality information. This can overall increase your customers confidence in your voice and ultimately your business.

Keep Your Audience Up To Date

One of the most powerful tools a blog can offer you is free PR. Not only can you highlight any important news in your business, but also any upcoming events, product announcements, and discounts in the near future. This may potentially increase awareness and the overall success of the occasion.

Speak Directly To Your Target Audience

A blog can provide you with a platform to speak directly with your audience and explain to them specifically what your business does and what it stands for. Again, this is something general website content can’t achieve. You have the chance to reach out to your audience and explain to them why your brand is special - take the opportunity!