Six Easy Ways You Can Turn Your Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Satisfied customers and brand ambassadors are a prominent, useful means of expanding your business’s reach via word of mouth. Through delivering an impressive customer service and offering free goods or services, the odds of receiving referrals increases, overall encouraging sales and growth. Although, converting loyal customers into brand ambassadors is much easier said than done. Here are six easy ways you can convert your loyal customers into brand ambassadors.


Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is key. From landing on the website to entering the checkout; the user experience on your website should be straightforward to your customers. Implement the necessary tools to make the entire process as seamless as possible. For example, ask yourself these questions: is the website slow and confusing to use? Is it difficult to return items? Do customers struggle to get in contact with your staff? If so, you may be overdue for a change. Customers aren’t likely to recommend a brand to others if they find their own experience frustrating.

Ask For Regular Feedback

Asking customers for regular feedback can help effortlessly optimise the customer service experience you’re offering. Determine what’s working, what’s not doing so well, and the areas you need to improve, then tailor the experience to your audience. Exceptional customer service will come with time, although by making the experience convenient, customers will likely recommend your brand to family and friends.

Try adding a quick post-purchase survey, asking customers if they’re likely to recommend the brand. Those who respond positively can be added to your list of possible ambassadors.


Keep Your Customers In The Loop

Keeping your customers informed and in control of their purchases through your website is a critical aspect of delivering a quality customer service experience. Let them know the payment has been received, when the item has been shipped, and when it’s been delivered.
On top of this, sharing updates within the business can encourage customers to feel much more involved in the brand, leading to the foundation of a community. Incorporating a blog onto your website can be very helpful in achieving this.

Utilise User Generated Content

Whether it’s a nice photo or a short clip of your product, sharing content generated by your brand ambassadors can go a long way. When a brand acknowledges a fan’s content, it can make them feel much more invested in the business and encourage them to keep creating. You’ll not only be receiving free content, but you’ll also be building a lasting relationship with your customers. Just remember to ask for permission before sharing.


Make It Worth Their Time

Once you’ve established a handful of ambassadors, it’s important to give them a reason to promote your brand. For example, let ambassadors know when you’ve got something exciting in the works. Whether you’re launching a new product, offering a different service, holding an exciting event, hosting a giveaway, or offering a discount, let them know first. As well as this, offer them exclusive deals, entry into events or free products to keep them engaged in the brand.

Own Your Mistakes

In business, mistakes happen from time to time, and it’s often out of your control. Although, rather than palming off the blame or simply ignoring it, address the situation. Apologise, explain how you’re going to resolve the issue, and stick to your word. Delivering a beneficial experience on this side of customer service can be difficult, but being honest with your customer contributes to the quality, meaningful customer service that may lead to a referral.

The process of converting your loyal customers into brand ambassadors starts with great customer service. Make their experience nothing short of amazing and give them something to brag about to their friends and family. Although it’ll take some time and patience, the result will be a handful of customers supporting your brand.