6 Easy Winter Marketing Ideas For Social Media

With Winter just around the corner, now is the perfect time for brands to start shaking up their social media content with a variety of Winter promotion ideas. Ranging from seasonal marketing ideas to Winter-themed hashtags, there’s no shortage of ways to enhance your social media presence over these colder months. All that’s required is some fresh Winter marketing ideas, engaging content, a social media plan, and your own unique, creative twist.

Are you eager to shake up your social media content over the chilling season? Here are 6 Winter marketing ideas for social media. .


Seasonal Content

Winter is the perfect opportunity for you to get creative with your social media content and brainstorm some cold weather marketing ideas - whether it’s by writing themed captions or by incorporating various seasonal elements into your images. Snowy backdrops, cozy blankets, steaming tea, mittens, scarves. These are merely a few seasonal marketing ideas that you could subtly scatter throughout your photos to put a Winter spin on your brand. Not to mention, adding splashes of dark blue, white, grey, and beige can really push those Winter vibes.

Host A Winter Giveaway

Contests aren’t only for the holidays! Welcome the new season with open arms by hosting a Winter giveaway on social media. Settle on an enticing Winter themed prize, whether it’s a spa getaway, a luxury hot chocolate mix, a Winter gift basket, or anything else you feel would excite your followers.

Promote the giveaway across your social media pages, including the rules of the contest and conditions of entry. As the giveaway comes to a close, gather the entries, select a winner, and thank everyone for participating. As the giveaway is celebrating Winter as opposed to a single holiday, try hosting a string of giveaways across the season to keep your followers engaged in your page. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?


Create A Winter Range

Winter is an ideal time of year for businesses to roll out an exclusive, seasonal range of their products. Aim to release a collection of products that’ll add value to your customers during the Winter months. For example, if you’re selling clothes, Winter would be the best season to launch a line of sweaters or beanies. Ceramics? Create a limited edition design with a seasonal colour theme. Skincare? Concoct a dry skin remedy specific to the Winter conditions. To top it off, by only offering this seasonal range for a limited time, you can create a sense of urgency within your online store, ultimately encouraging your customers to buy now.

Run A Photo Contest

Photography competitions can be a great way to capture some truly extraordinary images of your product and grow your brand awareness in the process. Put a Winter spin on the contest and encourage your followers to share a picture of them alongside your product. Whether it’s an action shot of your product being put to use or set up in an unusual situation - it’s up to you. Keep track of the entries by telling people to tag the photos with your own, custom hashtag.

As participants begin to share these photos, repost them onto your social media (with permission and credit back to the owner). Not only will you be receiving free content, but you’ll also be promoting engagement among your social media community.


Share Discount Codes

What better way to welcome the season than with a sale on some of your products? This winter promotion idea involves creating a Winter themed discount code, sharing it across your social media channels and encourage your audience to take advantage of the markdown. Not only will you be encouraging sales growth, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to push any seasonal stock in your store.

Use Winter Themed Hashtags

Whether you’re on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other platforms, hashtags are a valuable tool that can’t be overlooked. By simply including ‘#winter’, ‘#freezing’, ‘#brrr’ etc. on a handful of your photos, you’ll be opening your brand up to a much larger audience. Users searching for that particular tag will see your photos alongside others who have done the same, making your post all the more visible.